How Seniors Can Find Purpose After Losing a Loved One

How Seniors Can Find Purpose After Losing a Loved One

While no universally accepted age can be considered old, more often than not, those who are 60 years and older are regarded asold persons. The stage is also considered the ‘winter’ of one’s life.

Facts about Old Age, a global movement with millions of youths who have joined hands to bring about a positive change, has compiled a few facts about old age. Here’s a list of the most crucial ones.

●     It is anticipated that the older women will live alone, and men are more likely to live with a spouse.

●     As many as just 3.6% of those over 65 years old are likely to live in a nursing home.

●     While 50% of older men and women could be diagnosed with at least two chronic illnesses, 4 out of 5 suffer from at least one chronic condition.

●     On physical activity, shares that by the time they are 75 years old, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women could not be involved in any physical activity. The organization recommends that men and women enroll themselves in a dance class to keep fit and active.

●     Throwing light on visiting the doctor, shares that men and women 75 years and older are more likely to see the doctor three times more than those between 22 and 44 years old.

Health Conditions and Old Age Go Hand in Hand

According to theWorld Health Organization (WHO), old age and health conditions go hand in hand. They find that hearing loss, chronic conditions, back and neck disorders, pulmonary disease, diabetes, depression, and cataracts are the most common health conditions men and women of older age could experience.

Older Persons Could Find Life Challenging after Losing a Loved One

After the achievements, accomplishments, milestones, and downfalls that men and women achieve in their lifetime with their loved ones by their side, they may lose their partner whom they spent all their life with. Such is the nature of life. Losing a loved one is one of the biggest challenges that older people face. The demise of those near and dear could leave an older adult with grief beyond words and loneliness. Friends and family give us a reason to live, add value to life, and their loss cannot be replaced. Old age is a time when people are delicate and vulnerable, both emotionally and physically. While going through this stage, seniors must be motivated to live on.

How Seniors Can Find Purpose after Losing a Loved One

It is impossible to defeat death, and grieving loved ones is a natural part of life. But, it is possible to gradually heal and take control of one’s emotions after a loss. We have discussed a few ways seniors can find purpose after losing a loved one.

Exploring the Creative Side in You

All of us have a creative side. One of the best ways to keep the mind occupied and the heart content is to indulge in a creative activity. It could be sketching, painting, origami, sculpture, or designing, and creating a birdhouse. You do not require the talent, skill, or ability to follow your creative side. Spend some time doing what you are comfortable doing, and you will realize that it is one of the best ways to keep the mind happy and the body active. Indulging in a creative activity also helps in expressing oneself.

Indulge in a Physical Activity

Staying physically active can help seniors remain happy. It could be impossible for older adults and women to adhere to a workout routine. However, it is advised that senior citizens get involved in physical activities of some kind. It could be anything between a short walk in the morning or evening in the park, simple breathing exercises, meditation, and gardening. Indulging in physical activity can help older persons stay strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Explore a New Hobby

For senior citizens, grieving the loss of loved ones can be one of the most challenging phases of their life. While going through this tough time, older men and women are advised to explore a new hobby. It is one of the best ways to stay occupied, and when indulging in a new hobby, the mind is discovering new things. It is never too old to explore a new hobby.

Get Involved in Volunteering

Being that shoulder to cry on or the hand that helps can be extremely fulfilling. If you are financially secure or if you have some time to spare, you can consider getting involved in volunteering. When you go out, talk to people and form friendships; it may help heal the wounds that were caused by losing a loved one. You could consider volunteering at a local school to teach your favorite subject, or you can teach a group of students how to play a musical instrument. Volunteering is a rewarding and gratifying experience, and it could be one of the perfect ways to find purpose after losing a loved one.

Be Open to Seeking Relationships

Losing a loved one is not the end of the world for the elderly. So, if you are coming to terms with life and finding purpose after the loss of a near and dear one, you could benefit from making new and genuine connections. There is no age limit for dating. Thus, after losing a loved one, you can find a friend who strikes a chord with you. If you have warm and friendly neighbors, you should consider spending quality time with their families.

Attempt Going on a Short Trip

Most senior citizens could find it troublesome to travel, especially after losing a loved one. However, attempting to go on a short trip can help one explore a new place and meet new people, some of whom could become friends and create new memories. Seniors can find purpose after losing a loved one by going on a pilgrimage, or a short vacation. You may also feel closer to your late friend by visiting their favorite city or holiday destination.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how seniors can find purpose after losing a loved one.

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Aspects That You Need to Look into Before You Join a Community for Senior Citizens

Selecting a senior citizen community living center can be a challenge. It can be especially tough for those who are finding purpose after the loss of a loved one. Thus, it is essential to make sure that you select the best. Read on to know the few aspects you could consider while you are looking for the right community for yourself.

Is the Location Right?

It is advised to check out where the residential community for the seniors is located. Ask yourself if the location suits you. Will you be happy living there? Will you be at ease, and can you experience peace of mind living in the residential community for the seniors? If the answer to all the questions is “yes,” you know for a fact that you are selecting the right one.

Check If the Services Offered to Match Your Needs

When selecting a residential community for the seniors, you can make sure to check out the services that are offered. You could also check if the services provided match your needs. Some communities for the older people offer tailor-made services.

You Can Make Sure to Check What Entertainment Options Are Offered

Different communities for senior citizens provide a range of entertainment options. You could check what the alternatives offered are. If you are interested in music, you could opt for a senior residential community that organizes music nights for its inmates. Some communities organize short picnics and trips for their inmates.

Check If the Residential Community Offers Medical Help and the Diet That You Need

A lot of senior citizens are on a special diet. Thus, when you are looking for a residential community for the seniors, you can check if they are willing to make a special diet to match your needs. Additionally, before you find yourself a place in a residential community for the elderly, you can check on the medical services offered. Consider whether or not the medical services they offer will address your specific healthcare needs.

Other Aspects That You Could Also Consider

Before you committee for services of a residential community, you can also check out the kind of people who live there. When you visit the residential community for the seniors in person, you can meet the residents and check out the vicinity.


As a senior, if you are looking for an excellent residential community, you can take a closer look at the services offered byBrookfield Assisted Living and Memory Care. For information on the services they provide and to know what they do, you can visit theirwebsite.